Borneo’s Rare Mammals

This was our 11th consecutive wildlife trip with Reef and Rainforest, that in itself speaks volumes. As our interest in the natural world has steadily increased so have our demands, particularly with regard to itinerary planning. Reef and Rainforest have never let us down, delivering some truly magical experiences and wildlife sightings over the years. This trip was one of the best, we observed well 4 out of 5 cat species, 9 out of 10 primates and 6 out of 8 Hornbills. In all 44 species of mammals were recorded and numerous birds and reptiles. Be prepared to go nocturnal to get the best out of your visit, Borneo is a truly magical island to visit with some wonderful and rare wildlife. The accommodation throughout the trip was good, the guiding was exceptional and the food was of a very high standard. Thank you, Jonathan, and all at Reef and Rainforest, we look forward to hopefully travelling with you again in 2025.