Madagascar, Western Madagascar,


An exceptional location for wildlife viewing and coastal relaxation, the Anjajavy peninsula in the north-west of Madagascar has thousands of acres of dry deciduous forest in which at least two species of baobab can be found as well as Coquerel’s sifaka, aye-aye, common brown lemur, Milne Edwards sportive lemur, pale fork-marked lemur, tenrecs, chameleons and fossa.

Tsingy caves harbour various bat species, and the abundant bird life includes Madagascar harrier hawk, white headed vanga, crested drongo and breeding pairs of the critically endangered Madagascar fish eagle.

Humpback whales visit the coast from mid-June to mid-November and evening visits to the mangrove forests will reveal flying foxes leaving their roosts in great numbers.

As there is only one small lodge there, visitor numbers are very low, giving a very exclusive feel.

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Anjajavy L’ Hotel

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