Chiriqui Highlands

Panama, Chiriqui Highlands Region,

Chiriqui Highlands

Chiriquí Province in western Panama is blessed with a temperate climate, varying altitudes and many attractive towns. Boquete, Cerro Punta and Volcán serve as convenient bases from which to explore the flora and fauna of the beautiful region. Dominated by Barú, Panama’s largest dormant volcano, the cool, verdant highlands offer breathtaking scenery and contain enchanting cloud forests – more virgin rainforest than any other region of Panama – and birds such as long-tailed silky flycatcher, three-wattled bellbird and resplendent quetzal. A number of endangered mammals exist here, including five cat species and Baird’s tapir. Many trails traverse a variety of natural habitats bursting with life: for instance, the Los Quetzales Trail around Barú Volcano passes through open forest, cloud forest and rainforest and provides excellent opportunities to spot many upland species.

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