Isalo National Park

Madagascar, Southern Madagascar,

Isalo National Park

Famed for its stunningly eroded, Jurassic sandstone runiforme scenery, strange plants, canyon-dwelling lemurs and pandanus, the Isalo massif rises majestically from the flat Horombe plateau. The park offers wonderful hiking through impressive gorges, canyons and forested areas of fire-resistant tapia on which the endemic Malagasy silk worm feeds (harvested for centuries to weave expensive burial shrouds). Natural oases and waterfalls are encountered for refreshing swims in stunning surroundings. Unique flora abounds, such as the ‘elephant’s foot’ or Pachypodium rosulatum , the Isalo aloe and the locally endemic feather palm.

Three species of diurnal lemur (including ring-tailed and Verreaux’s sifaka), Oustalet’s chameleon, spiny tailed Oplurus lizards and the multicoloured rainbow burrowing frog can all be seen here. Birds include the endemic Benson’s rock-thrush and the Madagascar kestrel.

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