Region: Iguazu Falls and the North East

Iguazu Falls

Situated amidst lush Atlantic rainforest on the border with Brazil and straddling both countries, Iguazu Falls lie on the Iguazu River in Iguazu National Park, 12 miles from its confluence with the Parana River, close to Paraguay. Iguazu Falls are wider than Victoria and higher than Niagara (and many claim are more beautiful than both) … Continued

Estancia Rincon del Socorro

A 12,000-hectare former cattle ranch set amongst the lilies and reeds of the wildlife-rich Ibera wetlands

Don Puerto Bemberg Lodge

Set within 400 hectares of beautiful Atlantic rainforest just above the Parana River in Misiones, near Iguazu Falls

Misiones Province

Misiones Province in the far northeast contains Atlantic rainforest and Iguazu Falls. The region was extensively colonised in the early 17th century by the Jesuits to convert the indigenous Guarani, who still inhabit the area today. The most important historical ruins of the Jesuit Missions are located at San Ignacio, San Ignacio Mini, Loreto and … Continued

Esteros del Ibera

The Esteros del Ibera (or Ibera Wetlands) Nature Reserve protects a system of rain-fed streams, lakes and marshes covering more than one million hectares of north-eastern Corrientes province. There are over 60 lakes, including large open water stretches such as Laguna Ibera which is a Ramsar wetland of international importance. The reserve is home to … Continued

Yacutinga Lodge

Located on own private reserve within 1,400 acres of the Misiones Atlantic Rainforest

Loi Suites Iguazu

Luxury resort situated in 600-hectares of lush rainforest bordering Argentina’s Iguazu National Park