Region: Northern Chile

Hotel Poblado Kimal

In the centre of San Pedro de Atacama on the corner of the main street

Lauca Biosphere Reserve

Situated about 100 miles northeast of Arica, Chile’s northernmost city, this 358,312-hectare UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is rich in wildlife and comprises three protected areas – Lauca National Park, Las Vicuñas National Reserve, and Salar de Surire National Monument. The landscape is one of beautiful altiplano (high plain) scenery, meadows, lakes, rushing mountain rivers and streams, … Continued

Atacama Desert

The Atacama plateau, an extreme environment considered the world’s driest hot desert, is a mixture of salt lakes, geysers, felsic lava flows and an enormous expanse of sand that follows Chile’s northern Pacific coastline for 600 miles. Over 500 plant species have adapted to the harsh desert conditions, mostly occurring along the slightly greener coastal … Continued

Explora Atacama Lodge

Part of the Explora Hotels group, this five star accommodation provides comfort and luxury, surrounded by the true Atacama experience

La Casa de Don Tomas

Conveniently located just a 5 minute walk from San Pedro de Atacama’s main street