Region: Canal Zone

Canopy Tower

A birdwatcher’s idyll, the tower resides in semi-deciduous rainforest in the heart of Soberanía National Park

Panama City

Sited at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, Panama City comprises a modern city centre, the old colonial streets of Casco Viejo and the ruins of Panama la Vieja, the original Spanish city sacked by Sir Henry Morgan in 1671 which lies a little out of today’s town. Subsequently rebuilt in a different location, … Continued

Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort

Located only 80 minutes by road from Panama City in the exclusive Buenaventura beach community on the Pacific Coast

The Panama Canal

A visit to Panama would be incomplete without witnessing this incredible engineering feat, usually by visiting Miraflores Lock with its excellent museum’s historical displays. The canal has a long history, having defeated the French who thought that, having built the Suez Canal, they would be able to manage to build Panama’s. After toiling from 1881 … Continued

Canopy Bed and Breakfast

A 45-minute drive away from Panama City and located next to the famous Panama Canal

Bristol Panama Hotel

A high comfort hotel located in Panama City’s business district

Las Clementinas

Boutique hotel located on the northern edge of Panama City’s historic UNESCO World Heritage Casco Viejo district

Soberania National Park

Lying on the eastern banks of the Panama Canal, Soberanía’s 293,000 rainforest acres contain 525 species of birds, 105 of mammals including jaguar, tamandua and the cotton-topped tamarin monkey, 79 species of reptile, 55 amphibians and 59 endemic plant species. Within is the Pipeline Road, famous amongst birders and nature lovers for high wildlife diversity … Continued

Gamboa Rainforest Resort

A mid-sized, modern hotel with extensive grounds, by the rainforest-lined Chagres River