Region: Gulf of Chiriqui Region

Gulf Of Chiriqui

The Chiriquí National Marine Park on the Pacific coast is a collection of 25 islands and 19 coral reefs, home to an extraordinary diversity of terrestrial and marine life. Amongst the lush island vegetation and sandy beaches reside three species of monkey (one endemic to Coiba), four species of turtle, and a plethora of bird … Continued

ANAM Field Station

The ANAM Field Station offers simple accommodation on the island of Coiba

Cala Mia Island Resort

A charming, comfortable boutique hotel situated on the island of Boca Brava off Panama’s Pacific coast

Coiba Island National Park

In the Gulf of Chiriquí yet distinct from the eponymous marine park, Coiba National Park is a wild, unspoiled island (Panama’s largest). The island is cloaked in virgin rainforest and the subject of much research into its unique fauna and flora which evolved after Coiba split from the mainland around 18,000 years ago. Until 2004 … Continued