Region: Seychelles

Chalets D’Anse Forbans

Small, unpretentious hotel situated just back from a secluded and beautiful white sand beach in a peaceful spot on Mahe Island


The near-mythical World Heritage Site of Aldabra is the largest raised coral atoll on the planet, covering around 50 square miles. Although extremely remote from Mahe, Aldabra accounts for one third of the Seychelles’ landmass but is uninhabited apart from the warden and staff of the research station. Aldabra contains the largest number of giant … Continued


A former leper colony home to many endemic species and giant tortoises

Le Jacques-Cartier

A state-of-the-art ship exploring the whole of the beautiful Seychelles, from the Inner Islands to the Outer Islands, including the legendary Aldabra Atoll with its large population of giant tortoises.

Marquises 56

a 56 foot luxury air-conditioned catamaran for flexible island-hopping

Snorkelling with Sailfish? Really?

Where on Earth can you possibly snorkel with a sailfish? Reef & Rainforest has pioneered some extra-special wildlife encounters over our 30 years of operation, from jaguar watching in the Pantanal, through puma tracking in Chile to whale snorkelling off the east coast of Sri Lanka. Now we can offer another marine first: snorkelling with … Continued


A little over half an hour’s flight from Mahe and just six km long and one km wide, Desroches has acres of shady coconut palms and native vegetation fringed by 14 km of white sand beaches lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters and sheltered by the encircling reef. The island, the pearl of the remote … Continued


Although only 6km west of Praslin, Cousine is a very special and different place, reminding one of how the Seychelles would have been in time long gone. Having never had rats, the island is a precious haven for many species of rare birds such as Seychelles magpie robin and warbler, two species of shearwater, giant … Continued

Denis Private Island

A stunning private island paradise with excellent house reef and deep-sea dives available

St Pierre

A granite islet off Praslin, popular with snorkellers

Constance Lemuria Resort

Scattered over 101 hectares of natural vegetation near two beaches and with plenty of activities from which to choose

M/Y Pegasos

The M/Y Pegasos accommodates up to 44 guests in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere.


At 27km long and 8km wide, Mahe is by far the largest island of the granitic Inner Islands and the Seychelles as a whole. Containing the majority of the country’s population, the charming capital, Victoria, and Morne Seychellois, the islands’ highest mountain at 905m, Mahe also has many small villages, unspoilt beaches and pretty coves … Continued

The Outstanding Outer Islands of the Seychelles

For most people, the Inner Islands epitomise the Seychelles. With quaint colonial architecture, exquisitely eroded granite boulders and coconut palms framing white sand beaches, it is easy to see why – the Inner Islands are indeed beautiful. To capture the quintessence of the Seychelles, however, we believe it is desirable to venture further to the … Continued

Le Duc de Praslin

Surrounded by lush, tropical, orchid-filled gardens on idyllic Praslin Island

Bird Island Seychelles

Famed for its millions of sooty terns, the entire island is surrounded by white sand beaches with fair snorkelling at particular points, and great sea swimming.

M/V Maya’s Dugong

Boasts the space and comfort of a modern yacht, combined with the durability and functionality required for scientific and long-distance expeditions


Just half an hour’s flight north from Mahe and comprising 375 acres, the privately-owned island of Denis has particularly lush vegetation, white sand beaches and excellent coral reefs. The island’s interior has benefited from a concerted conservation effort to reintroduce native species of flora and fauna which has resulted in the lush, species-rich island habitat … Continued

Indian Ocean

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean possess many travel pearls


Second largest of the Seychelles islands and lying 45km from Mahe, granitic Praslin boasts the World Heritage Site of Vallee de Mai, containing the endemic black parrot, Wright’s skink and Seychelles chameleon as well as the unique coco-de-mer palm forest. The curiously pelvis-shaped female nut is the largest on Earth, while the male palm displays … Continued

Cerf Island Resort

well-appointed villas and suites on a hillside, set within lush tropical gardens close to the beach

La Digue Island Lodge

Boasting a dive shop and enjoying an enviable location on beautiful Anse Reunion beach

Kempinski Resort

Offers luxurious accommodation on a fine sandy beach and a wide range of facilities and activities

Seychelles Tailor-made tours: first class

Having now returned from our Seychelles holiday, I thought that I would write to tell you how much we enjoyed it – it really was first class – thank you for the arrangements…all in all, it was a great holiday, with just the right balance of activity and relaxation.


Almost the furthest west of the Seychelles’ Outer Islands, Astove is one of three atolls in the Aldabra Group, along with Cormoledo and Aldabra itself. The atoll consists of the islands of Astove and Charlotte surrounding a large, shallow inner lagoon, a mecca for serious fly fishermen. The islands host a large number of giant … Continued

Le Nautique

A modern waterfront hotel, upon the lovely island of La Digue

Le Meridien Fishermen’s Cove

Sits on the edge of a stunning white sand beach amongst well-kept gardens at the western end of Beau Vallon Bay

Astove Coral House

The atoll’s sheer reef wall provides the best snorkelling in the Seychelles


The spectacular islands of the Seychelles are a haven for honeymooners, families and those desiring a more relaxed yet stimulating wildlife holiday


The most northerly of the granitic islands, Aride is a strict nature reserve of 68 hectares where over 112 bird species have been recorded, including the most breeding species of any other island in the Seychelles. These include frigatebirds, wedge-tailed and tropical shearwater, white-tailed and red-tailed tropicbird, brown and lesser noddy, and sooty, fairy, roseate … Continued

Bird Island

Actually a coral island despite being part of the mainly granitic Inner Islands, Bird has only one small lodge but millions of sooty terns and other species, which give the privately-owned island its evocative name. There is also Esmeralda, a (male) giant tortoise of indeterminate age who can be encountered on guided nature walks. One … Continued

Avian Adventures in the Seychelles

Enjoy the unique ornithology of the Seychelles without sacrificing your creature comforts on this wonderfully varied avian adventure

Carana Beach

A modern, luxurious hotel on on Mahe island, offering relaxation and stunning ocean views.

Cosmoledo Eco Camp

The Seychelles’ furthest flung atoll on which you can stay, splendidly isolated in a pristine marine environment

Alphonse Island Lodge

Providing sublime comfort and a wide range of activities in an enviable atoll setting


One thousand kilometres from Mahe, remote Cosmoledo atoll is part of the Aldabra Group, the furthest west of the Seychelles’ Outer Islands and closer to Madagascar than Mahe. Consisting of 21 islands surrounding a large lagoon, Cosmoledo is visited by large numbers of nesting green turtles and hawksbills. The reefs and waters around the atoll … Continued

Hotel l’Archipel

luxurious bungalows nestled in the lush forested hillside overlooking the stunning private Anse Gouvernement beach

Vallee de Mai

The coco de mer is the world’s largest seed, the fruit of a rare, endemic palm found only on Praslin and Curieuse. The nut, which has a curious shape resembling human anatomy, is highly prized and its sale is strictly regulated with permits required for its removal from the Seychelles. It was once believed to … Continued

Natural Seychelles in High Luxury

Our most opulent Seychelles offering, this itinerary also affords access to some of the best wildlife and scenery to be found on the islands


A strict reserve which saved the Seychelles warbler from extinction

Seychelles Tailor-made tours: excellent coordination

Thank you for all your excellent coordination of the multi travel and island hopping. We really enjoyed the wildlife experience offered by the Seychelles. [Your representatives] were very good in their arrangements and organisation locally.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles

Luxury five-star resort occupying a prominent hillside position on Praslin opposite Cousin island


One of the best of the Outer Islands for visitors

Le Domaine de La Reserve

Enviably set in its own private cove with good beach and enormous swimming pool

Villa de Cerf

A small, luxury villa on Cerf Island, with wonderful views over the coastline of East Mahé.

Cousine Island Resort

Five luxury villas on an exclusive private island, only metres back from the white sand beach

Fleur De Lys

A small self-catering hotel on the western tip of compact and friendly La Digue island

Les Villas D’Or

Ten spacious self-catering villas right next to the white sands of Praslin’s Cote D’Or beach

Eden Bleu Hotel

A well run modern hotel on Eden Island handy for the airport

La Digue

Anse Source d’Argent, one of the world’s most iconic beaches with its exquisitely eroded boulders and sparkling white sand, can be easily reached on this the fourth largest of the granitic Inner Islands. Once almost deserted, the beach is now a major tourist draw with a small restaurant, two juice bars and some stalls selling … Continued