Region: Spain

Picos de Europa National Park

Named the “Peaks of Europe” for being the first land visible to sailors returning from the Americas, this spectacular limestone mountain range stretches for 20 km across Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León in Northern Spain. The oldest in Spain, the National park contains a stunning landscape of jagged mountain peaks reaching 2,648m in altitude, … Continued

The Iberian lynx – clawing back from the brink

Into the 1800s Iberian lynx were found throughout Spain, Portugal and southern France. A steady decline in population and distribution took place during the 1900s until by the 21st century, only two fragmented breeding populations remained in southern Spain, where Iberian lynx continue to hang on today. John Bassindale booked a tailor-made tour to the … Continued

Zepa de Los Oteros

The vast plains of the Zepa de Los Oteros region contain some of the largest concentrations of steppe birds in Northern Spain. The spectacular great bustard is one of the most notable highlights with a very high population found there. Flocks of up 50 bustards can often be spotted and the sight of displaying males … Continued

Hotel Tierra de la Reina

Located on the edge of the picturesque village of Boca de Huérgano, this is a small and simple but cosy and authentic rural guesthouse with plenty of atmosphere.

Villa Matilde

A friendly villa located right in the heart of Iberian lynx territory.

Somiedo Natural Park

Awarded UNESCO Biosphere designation in 2000, Somiedo is a beautiful and little-known treasure in the south of Asturias, Northern Spain. The park is formed of forest-cloaked hillsides and rugged mountain peaks interspersed with flowing rivers and meadow pastures. It is a wet and mild region with moss- and lichen-clad white and Pyrenean oak trees bearing … Continued

Hotel Apartamentos El Meirel

Situated in the heart of the mountainous Somiedio Natural Park, this traditional stone-built guesthouse offers an excellent base for exploring this wild and remote corner of the Cantabrian Mountains.


The second largest country in Western Europe, Spain hosts some of the most diverse habitats and exciting wildlife in the whole of Europe. Renowned for its tapas, warm climate and friendly hospitality, Spain is perhaps less well known for its fauna which includes some of the rarest, most striking and charismatic species in Europe. From … Continued

Strait of Gibraltar

The narrow strait of water that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the warm Mediterranean Sea and separates Spain from Africa is one of Europe’s whale and dolphin watching hotspots. At its narrowest stretch the strait is just 13 km wide and ranges in depth from 300 to 900 metres. The Parque Natural del Estrecho protects … Continued


Home to both exciting wildlife and stunning, wild and remote landscapes, Europe has plenty to offer.

Sierra de Andújar

Situated in the north of the state of Andaulcia, Sierra de Andujar has a landscape of rolling hills, dotted with rounded rocky outcrops of granite and an extensive Mediterranean forest known as dehesa. The 74,774-hectare park protects one of the best preserved areas of holm and cork oak forest and Mediterranean scrub comprised of strawberry … Continued

Iberian Lynx Quest

A fantastic opportunity to experience the charismatic Iberian lynx up close.

Land of the Lynx

Explore the stunning Sierra de Andújar Natural Park in search of Iberian lynx and other special regional fauna and flora.

Bay of Biscay

One of the most productive whale watching areas in the world, the Bay of Biscay is a huge gulf of the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean to the south of the Celtic Sea which borders Spain and France. The deep waters found off the continental shelf around the Santander and Torrelavega Canyons are rich in marine life … Continued

Riaño Mountain Range

Found in the far northern province of León, the little-known mountain range of Riano sits to the south of the spectacular Picos de Europa National Park and forms part of the extensive Cordillera Cantábrica that traverses Northern Spain. The landscape is characterised by extensive forests of beech, holm and Pyrenean oak, and broom covered hillsides … Continued

Spain’s lynx and birds

…Thank you for putting together yet another amazing trip…(our guide) looked after us very well, so please thank them on our behalf, they were a delight. We are glad that the original guide of choice decided that he didn’t want to guide us as (our guide) is an exceptional naturalist. He has great knowledge, not … Continued

Peñalajo Estate

To the south of Ciudad Real and close to the northern foothills of the Sierra Morena mountain range, the 2,260-hectare Peñalajo estate is a wildlife-rich mosaic of Mediterranean scrub and forest. It was once the meeting place for members of the European aristocracy and in more recent times a producer of Manchego cheese and olive … Continued