Region: Trinidad


Just seven miles off the coast of the South American continent to which it was once conjoined, Trinidad benefits from an unusually high diversity of wildlife for an island its size. That mainland ancestry is reflected in its 108 species of mammal (including ocelot, howler monkey, anteater and porcupine), over 50 species of reptile (including … Continued

Grande Riviere Beach

Each year at Grand Riviere Beach, typically beginning in March, female leatherback turtles begin the annual cycle of coming ashore to lay their eggs. They will make repeated visits on to the beach at night, roughly every ten days or so, creating upwards of eight nests during the season which runs until August. Females that … Continued

Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel

Ecolodge situated right on the beachfront, perfectly located to witness the nesting leatherback turtles, on Grand Riviere Beach

Northern Range

Trinidad and Tobago’s Northern Range forms a mountainous spine, running east to west across Trinidad’s densely forested North. The island’s two highest peaks are here: El Cerro del Aripo and El Tucuche, rising to just shy of 1000m above sea level. Trinidad’s most secluded and stunning beaches line its undeveloped stretch of northern coastline. Inland, … Continued

Acajou Hotel

An attractive boutique hotel, Acajou has six delightful detached cottages

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Part of the biodiverse Arima Valley which attracts a constant stream of colourful and exciting species or birds

Caroni Swamp and Bird Sanctuary

Definitely one of the avian spectacles of the Caribbean, the Caroni Swamp is where you can witness hundreds of brilliantly hued Scarlet Ibis flying overhead. Every evening, after spending the day at their feeding grounds, they fly back to the safety of their perches within the dense mangrove forest that lines these waterways. Tour operators … Continued