Montagne d’Ambre

Madagascar, Northern Madagascar,

Montagne d’Ambre

Easily accessible from Diego Suarez (also known as Antsiranana), Amber Mountain is a large volcanic hill of montane rainforest situated in a semi-arid plain and lies between altitudes of 850m and 1475m. It is characterised by towering trees, waterfalls, streams, crater lakes, ferns and orchids.

The reserve has a high endemicity and contains 77 bird species, seven of lemurs and 24 species of amphibian. Locally endemic lemurs include the Montagne d’Ambre fork-marked lemur, mouse and dwarf lemur. Sanford’s brown lemur, crowned lemur and the northern ring-tailed mongoose are common sightings and the elusive fanalouc is also present but rarely seen.

The high diversity of chameleons present (11 species in total) are a highlight of this reserve and include the tiny Brookesia tuberculata (the third smallest reptile on earth) and the beautifully multi-coloured panther chameleon. Leaf-tailed geckos are also plentiful here and include the huge Uroplatus fimbriatus andperfectly camoflauged Uroplatus sikorae. Birds include the Amber Mountain rock thrush, Madagascar crested ibis, pitta-like ground roller, souimanga sunbird and Madagascar blue pigeon.

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