Region: Colombia

Cocora Valley

Part of the Colombian Coffee Region, the Cocora Valley is one of Colombia’s most iconic landscapes. The valley divides into two then disappears into the cloud forests above, pockmarked by the tallest wax palms in the world (Colombia’s highly endangered national tree) some of which are 60m tall. The Cocora Valley was created some 5,000 … Continued

Villa Maria Tayrona

A secluded hotel nestling within tropical Colombian jungle with views of the Caribbean

Casa San Agustin

A stylish hotel in Cartagena’s UNESCO Old Town

Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos

A small boutique property on Los Naranjos Beach adjacent to Tayrona National Natural Park

The Wonderful Wildlife of the Colombian Llanos and Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

This unforgettable natural history holiday combines two of South America’s ‘must-see’ wildlife destinations: Colombia’s Los Llanos Orientales and the Galapagos Islands, Darwin’s Enchanted Isles found far off Ecuador’s Pacific coast. Begin in Bogota, Colombia’s capital, before flying to Los Llanos Orientales (the eastern plains), a vast expanse of tropical savanna, gallery forest, seasonally flooded wetlands … Continued

HAB Hotel Bogotá

Four star boutique hotel in the culturally vibrant Chapinero district of Colombia’s capital


Medellín is one of the most visually impressive modern cities in Colombia. Its pleasant climate results from temperatures which average around 22ºC all year and explains why Medellín is called The City of Eternal Spring. Surrounded by mountains, Medellín and the region of Antioquia, of which Medellin is the capital, has developed a particular culture, … Continued

Los Nevados National Park

Los Nevados National Park lies in the heart of the country at the apex of the central Andes in Colombia’s Coffee Region. Within its borders there are some eight volcanoes, some extinct and collapsed, others very active such as the historically deadly Nevado del Ruiz or Kumanday (Sleeping Lion). Three have rapidly disappearing glaciers due … Continued

Chingaza National Park

Chingaza National Park is just 50km from Colombia’s capital. Bogotanos have a special relationship with the park since it’s the capital’s main water source. Chingaza is one of the larger Andean national parks at 76,600ha and was created to protect a large and very important area of paramo, lakes and Andean forest that extends from … Continued

Calanoa Lodge

A comfortable eco friendly jungle lodge situated on the banks of the Amazon River.

Reserva El Cairo

A century old coffee house in a private 100 acre reserve

Ecohabs Tayrona

Situated amidst lush native forest close to the lovely Cañaveral beach within Tayrona National Park

Tatama National Park

One of Colombia’s most interesting geographical features has to be the Andes-Choco divide, a transition point on the western slopes of the western Andes where Andean species meet those from the Choco. At the highest altitudes, enough time has passed for speciation to occur – PNN Tatama is a medium-sized national park of 51,900ha that … Continued


Boutique ‘Country hotel’ set in the middle of the coffee region

Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales is the local name for Colombia’s famous River of Seven Colours, an ancient waterbed that runs through one of the world’s most ancient rock formations, the Sierra de La Macarena. A pre-Cambrian range that dates back some 1.8 billion years, around seven times the age of the Andes, the vast length of time … Continued

Hotel De La Opera

The best high-end accommodation option in Bogota’s historic La Candelaria district

Las Islas

A stunning, eco-friendly resort on Isla Baru, just a 45 minute boat journey from Cartagena

Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

Described by the IUCN as the ‘world’s most irreplaceable concentration of biodiversity’, the Sierra Nevada is indeed unique. Revered by its ancient inhabitants – the Kogi, Arhuaco, Kankuamo and Wiwa peoples – as ‘the heart of the world’ its anthropological history alone is exceptional. In the eyes of the present-day Kogi, descendants of the Tayrona, … Continued

Tayrona National Park

Some 45mins’ drive from Santa Marta, at the base of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, lies the National Natural Park of Tayrona. The park’s habitats change from dry forest nearer Santa Marta to humid tropical forest towards the east, and display a startling level of biodiversity. Its beaches, once noted by the Discovery Channel … Continued


Best known for its impressive Salt Cathedral, Zipaquirá was one of the most important territories of the pre-Colombian Muisca civilisation which inhabited the plateau between Cundinamarca and Boyaca departments in the eastern Andes. The Muisca were the most numerous indigenous people in Colombia before the arrival of the Spanish. Salt was indeed one of their … Continued

Hacienda Bambusa

A characterful Hacienda in Colombia’s coffee zone

The Natural History Highlights of Wild Colombia

Incorporating many of the prime wildlife habitats of Colombia, this comprehensive yet well-paced itinerary provides plenty of time to enjoy each location whilst accompanied by exceptional naturalist guides. Lush, verdant Amazonia is complemented perfectly by the vast, flat expense of Los Llanos Orientales, while the bird-rich Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta rises above the pristine … Continued

Los Llanos Orientales

Colombia’s eastern plains are called Los Llanos Orientales, a vast, flat expanse of tropical savanna, gallery forest, seasonally flooded wetlands and small hillocks. There are distinct wet and dry seasons, the latter lasting from late November through to late March and the best time to visit. During these drier months, roads are passable and the … Continued

Hotel Casa Don Luis

A true gem of a boutique hotel in the centre of old Cartagena

The Dazzling Diversity of Colombia

This sample tailor-made tour showcases the astonishing mix of wildlife, culture, archaeology and history that makes Colombia such an enthralling country to explore. Based initially in Bogota, enjoy the smells and flavours of vibrant Paloquemao Market, walk colonial streets and take in the spectacular city panorama from Cerro de Monserrate. Descend into the Zipaquira salt … Continued

Cartagena De Indias

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the early 1980s, Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities of Colombia and possibly the world. Cartagena was one of the first cities founded by the Spanish in South America and the first commercial port of Colombia, eventually during the 16th century becoming one of the most … Continued

Hotel Bantu

4-star, boutique hotel in the heart of Cartagena’s characterful and vibrant old town

Mountain House

A mountain lodge beautifully situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


The Amazon region of Colombia covers an area of over 400,000sq km, a little over a third of the national territory. Amazonia contributes greatly to Colombia’s phenomenal biodiversity statistics and cultural heritage. This vast forested basin starts a little to the south of the River Guaviare (which divides the region from the Llanos to the … Continued


Colombia is a land rich in natural and manmade attractions just waiting to be discovered

Bio Habitat

Exquisitely designed eco hotel set on a hillside within the Zona Cafetera

Juan Solito Lodge

A wonderful family run lodge within the heart of the Llanos


At 2,600 metres above sea level and bordered to the east by the imposing Cerros Orientales (eastern hills), Bogotá is the largest city in Colombia and its national capital. With average temperatures of 17ºC throughout the year, the city provides a pleasant temperate climate for its multicultural population of eight million derived from every region … Continued

Cite Hotel

A beautiful modern hotel with a rooftop pool and stunning views of Bogota

Highlights of Peru and Colombia in Comfort and Style

This top quality Peru and Colombia programme showcases both countries with superlative accommodation for those who like to travel in high comfort and style. Encompassing many of the top attractions Peru and Colombia have to offer, the itinerary will appeal to those who wish to explore all aspects of a destination. Included are the Inca … Continued

South America

A cornucopia of new sights, sounds and experiences

Hotel Movich Buro 26

A comfortable and stylish hotel close to Bogota’s El Dorado Airport