Region: Guyana

South America

A cornucopia of new sights, sounds and experiences

Rock View

Surrounded by stunning savannah and rainforest-topped hills (part of the Pakaraima Mountains range) this working ranch offers comfortable accommodation, swimming pool, private animal collection and extensive wildlife-filled tropical gardens.

Caiman House

Offers guests a truly indigenous village experience

Guyana Tailor-made Tours: unspoilt wildernesses

We saw an extremely varied range of landscapes, plants, animals…We have travelled extensively and this was one of the best trips we have ever had. Guyana was so special as it is one of the most unspoilt wildernesses we have ever visited.

Rewa Eco Lodge

A community tourism project run by the friendly Makushi tribe at their village of Rewa

Cara Lodge

Steeped in history and one of the oldest buildings in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown

Iwokrama River Lodge

Located right on the edge of the Essequibo River, surrounded by huge swathes of pristine rainforest

Kaieteur Falls

With a single drop of 741 feet, the falls are five times the height of Niagara yet with virtually no infrastructure and only visited by a handful of tourists each year. Kaieteur is most impressive in the rainy season when billions of gallons of water cascade over the falls creating a breathtaking fusion of noise, … Continued


Located at the mouth of the Demerara River on the Caribbean Sea, Guyana’s small capital city comprises wide, tree-lined streets and interweaving canals. Most of its charming if ramshackle wooden buildings display unique colonial architecture reflecting Guyana’s history as both a Dutch and British colony.

The Highlights of Guyana

This group tour takes you to on an unforgettable journey into one of South America’s most spectacular and least visited countries.

Rock View Lodge

Located in the Pakaraima Mountain range, surrounded by savannah and rainforest-topped hills

Surama Eco-lodge

A rustic but comfortable property within the Makushi community village set in savannah bordered by beautiful virgin rainforest


Located in the heart of Guyana, the Macushi Amerindian village of Surama is set in savannah ringed by the forested Pakaraima Mountains. The inhabitants still observe traditional practises which maintain a peaceful co-existence with nature. Dawn hikes in the savannahs and mountains led by Surama guides, who convey a profound understanding of nature and its … Continued

Karanambu Ranch

A leading centre for the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned giant river otters, Karanambu has attained worldwide recognition for its conservation work. Wild otters are also frequently seen, and the verdant banks of the Rupununi River also provide habitat for many birds and other forest wildlife. The nearby savannah contains the strange, endangered giant anteater, … Continued

Guyana Tailor-made Tours: EXCELLENT

WILDLIFE: EXCELLENT Giant anteater swimming across the river. Number of bird species in Trinidad and the tarantula! The otters of course! And a baby anteater which unfortunately died. At least 4 species of monkey. Amazonian water lilies. Bat hanging from shower head! Golden frog in bromeliad. Cane toad, boa constrictor, jaguar tracks in sand. GENERAL … Continued

Guyana Tailor-made Tours: Amazing Trip

What makes Guyana additionally special is that it is the only English-speaking country in South America, and consequently you really warm to the people you meet, whether chatting with local cowboys, entertaining local school children or putting the world to rights with village elders.

Maipaima Eco Lodge

Situated within Napi village in the remote, forested Kanuku foothills of central Guyana

Eco Resort Inn

A statuesque former colonial townhouse with plenty of period features, situated in the capital of Suriname

Karanambu Eco Lodge

Leading center for the recovery and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned giant river otters

Wild Guyana Trip Report

Our Guyana specialist Ian Loyd has written about his recent travels in the country

Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve

Established to protect and manage a huge, one million-acre rainforest reserve, Iwokrama holds records for the number of its bat (90) and fresh water fish (420) species. There have been over 500 species of birds recorded including five of macaw, 24 species of hummingbirds, and 29 species of raptors (including harpy eagle, crested eagle and … Continued


Little-visited but with a great diversity of landscapes and wildlife and a friendly, English-speaking population, Guyana is one of the natural world’s best kept secrets.

Atta Rainforest Lodge

Set in the wildlife rich Iwokrama forest and close to the base of the impressive Iwokrama Canopy Walkway

Guyana Tailor-made Tours: a very successful trip

We are back in Norway after a very successful trip to Guyana. Many thanks to you and your staff for making such a great trip. All went very well and we are very pleased with everything we saw. Thank you for making the trip memorable for us.

Guyana Tailor-made Tours: thoroughly enjoyable

We really enjoyed this tour – every location was thoroughly enjoyable for different reasons. [WILDLIFE HIGHLIGHTS] River otters at Karanambu (wild and tame); macaws from the top of Turtle Mountain at Iwokrama (nice to look down on them for a change!); St Giles Island, Tobago – literally thousands of birds, frigate, boobies, tropic etc; cock-of-the-rock … Continued

Guyana Tailor-made Tours: trip of a lifetime

This really was a trip of a lifetime and we loved every minute of it. What a privilege to visit such a wonderful country. A wonderful experience, wonderful country and people. Thank you for giving us such a great holiday [to Guyana].