Region: Western India

Niranta Airport Transit Hotel

Located within the main Mumbai airport terminal building, this new hotel offers the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. 

Blackbuck National Park

Located only 64 Kms from Bhavnagar, the park has the highest concentration of blackbuck in the world. The only tropical grassland in India to be given the status of a national park, the Blackbuck National Park is a 36 kms patch of savannah-type scrubby grassland well suited to the requirements of these lovely animals. The … Continued

Lion Safari Camp

14 luxurious African-style tented rooms situated in a shady glade

Rann Riders Camp

Friendly, family-run resort located close to an area of bird-rich wetlands in the Dasada area


Mahatma Gandhi’s native state, Gujarat has a wide range of scenery and habitats, including vast salt marshes, irrigated fields, deserts and good beaches. Aside from plenty of bird life, Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch has the only remaining wild asses in India and Velavadar conserves the rare blackbuck.

Asiatic Lion Lodge

Located just 10 minutes from the nearest park gate, the well-priced Asiatic Lion Lodge is perfectly located to explore the famous Gir National Park. 

Woods at Sasan

The first and only boutique resort in Gir, the Woods at Sasan is located within an eight acre mango orchard around 10 minutes’ drive from the park entrance.

Shahpura Bagh

Shahpura Bagh makes the perfect stop-off on your Rajasthan journey, or a destination in its own right.

Jamnagar Marine National Park

In 1980 Gujarat created India’s first Marine National Park spread over an area of nearly 458 square kilometres in the Gulf of Kutch, 30 kilometres from Jamnagar. Here corals come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, from the convoluted brain coral to ones that resemble deer antlers. Turtles, shrimp, sponge, eels and sea … Continued


Once a Portuguese colony and with a coastline of 65 miles, Goa is hilly and includes a portion of the Western Ghats rising to nearly 4,000 feet. The two largest rivers are the Mandavi and Zuari, between the mouths of which lies the island of Goa (Ilhas). The island is triangular, the apex (called the … Continued

Blackbuck Safari Lodge

The Blackbuck Safari Lodge offers simple rooms approximately 10 minutes from the Blackbuck National Park. 

Blackbuck Lodge

14 luxurious private villas secluded amongst the grassland on the edge of Velavadar National Park

Jawai Sagar

The lodge has good guides and open-sided vehicles to explore the neighbouring Jawai and Bera areas.

Bhagwan Mahveer Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhagwan Mahveer Wildlife Sanctuary (also known as Molem National Park) is Goa’s largest and most remote tract of intact forest. It is also the most ecologically rich region of Goa, where birds endemic to the Western Ghats and southern India can be found alongside a host of forest species and winter migrants, comprising an avifauna … Continued

Sasan Gir National Park

Lying on the southwest fringes of the Saurashtra peninsula (west-central India), Sasan Gir National Park is the last home of the remaiting 500 or so Asiatic lions. It was created in 1913 and given sanctuary status in 1965. Once close to extinction, Asiatic lions have been steadily rising in number since 1980 in this safe … Continued

Little Rann of Kutch Sanctuary

Created in 1973, Little Rann of Kutch is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India, spanning some 4950 square kilometres in area and comprising a range habitats from saline desert plains, arid grasslands, rocky and thorn scrub to lakes and marshes. The sanctuary is best known for its herds of the handsome, chestnut brown … Continued

Sujan Jawai

With a beautiful and tranquil rural setting, Sujan Jawai offers luxury accommodation in oversized tents, complete with en suite showers and private decks.

Infinity Rann of Kutch

Luxurious, beautifully designed, large African-style tents built and designed to replicate the local bhoongas


Four lovely beach houses, and three ‘otter creek’ tents, on a peaceful stretch of beautiful beach near Goa.