Region: Eastern Madagascar

Andringitra National Park

A spectacular and biodiverse reserve with an altitude range of 500 to 2,658 metres and mountainous outcrops of ancient Precambrian granite, waterfalls, lakes and unusual vegetation. Pic Boby, Madagascar’s second highest mountain, is a tough climb but there are other less challenging trails through some magnificent scenery and habitats, including lowland forest, high humid tropical … Continued

Marojejy National Park

From the spice town of Sambava, penetrate inland to the pristine primary rainforests and highlands of Marojejy National Park – one of the most challenging wildlife locations on the island. Having been a Strict Reserve until the end of 1998, it had only been explored by scientific researchers. In 1999, clients of Reef & Rainforest … Continued

Le Palmarium Reserve et Hotel

A fantastic but rustic lodge on the edge of the Pangalanes Canal, perfect for photographers and families.

Ranomafana National Park

The discovery of the endangered golden bamboo lemur in 1986 and rediscovery of the greater bamboo lemur soon after led to National Park status in 1991. The montane rainforest hills beside the rushing Namorona River harbour 12 species of lemur and around 120 bird species. It is also renowned for its many orchids, bright day … Continued

Tampolo Lodge

A welcoming lodge in a beautiful setting on a white-sand beach on the remote Masoala peninsula

Saha Forest Camp

Comfortable, friendly camp built into the side of a hillside overlooking rice paddies in Anjzorobe

Relais du Masoala

A comfortable hotel close to the beach on the edge of the Masoala’s main town of Maroanstsetra

Ile Sainte Marie

Sixty kilometres long and only seven wide, this pretty island off the east coast of Madagascar is best known for humpback whale-watching between July and September. The whales come to the sheltered waters between the island and the mainland to engage in courtship and give birth to their young. Ste Marie is also noted for … Continued

Relais des Plateaux

Comfortable three-star hotel set in exotic gardens with restaurant serving delicious French cuisine

Au Bois Vert

Set in three hectares of peaceful and attractive gardens. Ideal for stopovers

Andasibe Lemurs Lodge

Wake to the song of the indri at this comfortable lodge, ideally placed for rainforest exploration.

Feon Ny Ala

A simple but comfortable hotel close to Perinet Reserve where indri can often be heard at dawn.

Aye-Aye Forest Camp

A beachfront camp backed by Farankaraina forest, one of the best reserves to search for the elusive aye-aye.

Pavillion de Lemyrne

Lovely boutique hotel located in Antananarivo’s historic Upper Town

Setam Lodge

Comfortable small lodge situated close to the primary rainforest of Ranomafana National Park

Mantadia Lodge

The newest and most comfortable accommodation for the wildlife rich Andasibe region.

Le Royal Palace

A smart and modern business style hotel, located in central Antsirabe.

Arotel Antsirabe

Recently upgraded, the Arotel offers the most luxurious accommodation in Antsirabe.


Located approximately 90 minutes’ drive to the north of Tana, Anjozorobe is perhaps the last remaining viable hauts plateaux forest in Madagascar, and one of the richest for biodiversity. Ten species of lemur, including indri and diademed sifaka, inhabit the high altitude (over 1500m) and montane (800m – 1500m) forests, which are drier and more … Continued

Nosy Mangabe

Rising to 1000 feet off the luxuriant Masoala peninsula, the island is home to the shy aye-aye – subject of one of the Durrell Wildlife’s captive breeding projects – four further lemur species, reptiles such as leaf-tailed gecko and the rare tree boa, and two species of tenrec. Hikes can be taken around the island’s … Continued


The accessible and popular rainforest region reached by an easy drive from the capital, it consists of two protected tracts of adjacent montane rainforest: Analamazaotra Special Reserve (usually known as Périnet and situated near the village of Andasibe) and Mantadia National Park. There are also several smaller community managed forest reserves run by the assocation … Continued

Tamboho Hotel

Comfortable hotel set in landscaped gardens and opposite the Tana Waterfront shopping centre

Thermal Hotel Ranomafana

A wonderfully restored hotel offering one of the most modern accommodations for the Ranomafana National Park.

Centrest Sejour

A recently renovated lodge on the outskirts of Ranomafana village and close to the National Park entrance.

Vakona Forest Lodge

One of the original and most comfortable hotels in the Andasibe area with a peaceful and attractive location next to a lake.

Masoala National Park

The Masoala peninsula protects the last remaining extensive coastal lowland rainforest in Madagascar. Given World Heritage Site status in June 2007 and accessible only by boat, the reserve boasts staggering biodiversity and a wide variety of habitats: rainforest, littoral forest, marsh, flooded forest, mangrove and coral reefs are all represented. Masoala has a staggering 50% … Continued

Princesse Bora Lodge

Spacious detatched villas with stunning sunset views with a restaurant considered among the best on the island

Maison Gallieni

A beautifully furnished four-bedroom guesthouse, with views over Antananarivo

Andasibe Hotel

One of the most comfortable accommodations in Andasibe.


Situated in the central highland region known as the Hauts Plateaux, the capital Antananarivo (known as Tana) was built in a commanding position atop a long ridge 1400m above sea level. Founded in 1610, it is the largest city in Madagascar with over two million inhabitants. As Tana is the hub for international and domestic … Continued

Masoala Forest Lodge

One of Madagascar’s very best wildlife lodges offering comfort, excellent food and service, sea views and rainforest on your doorstep.