Region: Panama

Panama Tailor-made Tours: A holiday to remember

Panama was a fascinating and extraordinary country. The pleasing thing was to see its immense areas of rainforest, i.e the Darien. An amazing place. We encountered many different Panamanians and what came across to us was their pride in their country. This holiday was amazing, all the things we like doing and seeing and more. … Continued

Soberania National Park

Lying on the eastern banks of the Panama Canal, Soberanía’s 293,000 rainforest acres contain 525 species of birds, 105 of mammals including jaguar, tamandua and the cotton-topped tamarin monkey, 79 species of reptile, 55 amphibians and 59 endemic plant species. Within is the Pipeline Road, famous amongst birders and nature lovers for high wildlife diversity … Continued

Bocas Inn

A well run Inn built on stilts over the water on the edge of Bocas town

Hotel Finca Lerida

Set on the foothills of the Baru Volcano in western Panama

Panama Holiday Panama Holiday

I would like to thank you for putting together such an excellent trip and to highlight a few items. The service provided in country was first class. All drivers were on time and went beyond the call of duty to be of service. I have never been on holiday where the standard of bird guiding … Continued

Panama City

Sited at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, Panama City comprises a modern city centre, the old colonial streets of Casco Viejo and the ruins of Panama la Vieja, the original Spanish city sacked by Sir Henry Morgan in 1671 which lies a little out of today’s town. Subsequently rebuilt in a different location, … Continued

Chiriqui Highlands

Chiriquí Province in western Panama is blessed with a temperate climate, varying altitudes and many attractive towns. Boquete, Cerro Punta and Volcán serve as convenient bases from which to explore the flora and fauna of the beautiful region. Dominated by Barú, Panama’s largest dormant volcano, the cool, verdant highlands offer breathtaking scenery and contain enchanting … Continued

Central America

Offers a wealth of wildlife, lush rainforests, vibrant colonial towns, beautiful islands and beaches.

Canopy Tower

A birdwatcher’s idyll, the tower resides in semi-deciduous rainforest in the heart of Soberanía National Park

Burbayar Lodge

A newly refurbished jungle lodge in Panama with a private rainforest reserve containing rare bird, mammal and amphibian species

Gamboa Rainforest Resort

A mid-sized, modern hotel with extensive grounds, by the rainforest-lined Chagres River

Darien National Park

Containing Panama’s largest national park, Darién is the most sparsely populated and wildest province in Panama. Its impenetrability is illustrated by the fact it is the only gap in the Pan-American Highway which otherwise runs uninterrupted from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. The 576,000 hectares Darién National Park borders Colombia and includes some Pacific coastline … Continued

Canopy Bed and Breakfast

A 45-minute drive away from Panama City and located next to the famous Panama Canal

Coiba Island National Park

In the Gulf of Chiriquí yet distinct from the eponymous marine park, Coiba National Park is a wild, unspoiled island (Panama’s largest). The island is cloaked in virgin rainforest and the subject of much research into its unique fauna and flora which evolved after Coiba split from the mainland around 18,000 years ago. Until 2004 … Continued

Las Clementinas

Boutique hotel located on the northern edge of Panama City’s historic UNESCO World Heritage Casco Viejo district

Bocas del Toro Archipelago

A Caribbean archipelago of mangrove islands, coral reefs and calm waters, cosmopolitan Bocas del Toro is the country’s most popular marine location with visitors. The largest island, Colon, contains Bocas Town with its shops, bars, restaurants and numerous small hotels. Offshore there are other islands, including Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park with good reefs for … Continued

Guna Yala

The San Blas archipelago, some 400 tiny islands scattered along the Caribbean coast of eastern Panama, is ruled by the fiercely independent Kuna who won semi-autonomy following an uprising against the Panamanian government in 1925. The colourfully attired tribe, who fled Colombia and were never conquered by the Spanish, inhabits only 40 of the islands, … Continued

Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort

Located only 80 minutes by road from Panama City in the exclusive Buenaventura beach community on the Pacific Coast

Gulf Of Chiriqui

The Chiriquí National Marine Park on the Pacific coast is a collection of 25 islands and 19 coral reefs, home to an extraordinary diversity of terrestrial and marine life. Amongst the lush island vegetation and sandy beaches reside three species of monkey (one endemic to Coiba), four species of turtle, and a plethora of bird … Continued

Laguna Azul Eco Lodge

One of the best options out of Bocas Town with plenty of activities and nearby locations to visit

Burbayar Jungle Lodge

A hidden jewel of a rainforest lodge, small and intimate with a maximum capacity of 17 guests housed in seven rustic cabanas

Boquete Garden Inn

Located in a peaceful wooded spot next to the Palo Alto River on the outskirts of lovely Boquete town


a promised land of indigenous culture and pristine nature, with long Pacific and Atlantic coastlines

Bristol Panama Hotel

A high comfort hotel located in Panama City’s business district

El Otro Lado

El Otro Lado is a romantic small boutique retreat set in lush tropical forest on the seafront across the bay from the historic town of Portobelo

Cala Mia Island Resort

A charming, comfortable boutique hotel situated on the island of Boca Brava off Panama’s Pacific coast

Exoloring Panama

Another great holiday arranged by the Reef and Rainforest team. Fantastic service from John Melton as ever. The ground agents worked hard to ensure our trip was not affected by the weather.

ANAM Field Station

The ANAM Field Station offers simple accommodation on the island of Coiba

The Panama Canal

A visit to Panama would be incomplete without witnessing this incredible engineering feat, usually by visiting Miraflores Lock with its excellent museum’s historical displays. The canal has a long history, having defeated the French who thought that, having built the Suez Canal, they would be able to manage to build Panama’s. After toiling from 1881 … Continued

Wild Panama Off The Beaten Track

An actively adventurous tour designed for intrepid travellers eager to experience the best wilderness Panama can offer