Region: Rwanda

Akagera National Park

Rwanda’s answer to the savannahs of eastern Africa, Akagera National Park is a beautiful patchwork of rolling grassland, thick forest, wetlands and acacia thickets. The park has suffered from heavy poaching in the past: however, tourist development is slowly stimulating a recovery and many plains species can now be seen here including Burchell’s zebra, giraffe, … Continued

Akagera Game Lodge

Set in a beautiful patchwork of rolling grasslands, thick forest, wetlands and acacia thickets


A small African country of exceptional beauty and wildlife, Rwanda has transcended its tragic past and is now a country reborn

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Lavish lodge in the foothills of the Virunga Mountains with outstanding views towards the Volcanoes National Park

Moriah Hills

Four-star hotel on the banks of Lake Kivu with its own man-made beach

Lake Kivu

One of the African Great Lakes and running along Rwanda’s western edge, the tranquil and exceedingly deep Lake Kivu has volcanic origins. With green, terraced hills and surprisingly good beaches, Kivu is the recreation capital of the country. The scenic lakeside town of Kibuye has interesting buildings, tiny islands and small beaches.


Truly the Big One

Volcanoes National Park

Bordering Uganda to the north and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, the 13,000 hectare Volcanoes National Park is the centre of one of the world’s greatest wildlife highlights. Made famous by Dian Fossey, the habituated mountain gorillas enthral visitors with their gentle power, intelligence and playful antics. The gorilla trekking operation is … Continued

Rwanda Tailor-made Tours: Fabulous time

This is just a quick… note to tell you what a fabulous time we had in Rwanda with Janice Booth. We have been to some stunning places before (many of them through you), but Rwanda captivated us in so many different ways that it beats the lot! We expected, of course, to he wowed by … Continued

Rwanda Tailor-made Tours: A special thank you

Please find details of the voyage report following our recent holiday to Rwanda…I would like to congratulate you and send a special thank you to everyone at Reef and Rainforest and specifically to those who engineered the Rwanda trip. For me it was a perfect experience throughout, blending the geography, natural history, culture and lifestyles … Continued

Rwanda Tailor-made Tours: Amazing experience

I am sorry for taking so long to let you know my thoughts on my tour of Rwanda in August. It was such an amazing experience that I had to write a journal of it while everything was still fresh in my mind. There was so much to say that it took a while and … Continued

Rwanda Primates

Everyone we ran into in Rwanda was so friendly, kind and proud of their country.  The service they provided was excellent.  We had a wonderful time getting to know them better. Our guide was AMAZING.  We got to know more about Rwanda and its people because we spent so much time with him.   He stopped … Continued

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Four-star property with modern facilities that still retains an intimate ambience

Cormoran Lodge

Stylish property overlooking beautiful Lake Kivu in Kibuye

Gisakura Guest House

Guesthouse adjacent to a lush tea plantation just outside the Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe National Park

Occupying 970 square kilometres of rainforested valleys in the remote southwest corner of Rwanda, Nyungwe has the largest area of intact montane rainforest in east and central Africa. The stunning landscape supports a high biodiversity including 86 mammal species, 280 species of birds including 26 endemics, 5 species of chameleon and 120 butterflies. Nyungwe is … Continued


Situated in a hilly region in the centre of the country, Rwanda’s capital is a pleasant little city with tree-lined streets, cool climate and friendly population making it an agreeable place to spend a day or two. The Genocide Museum provides a sombre insight into the country’s recent past whilst the modern city epitomises Rwanda’s … Continued

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Five-star luxury hotel set in a lush tea plantation not far from the entrance to Nyungwe Forest National Park

Gorilla Mountain View Lodge

Sits in a clearing with impressive views towards the high peaks of the Virunga Mountains