Region: Namibia


Truly the Big One

Mamili National Park

Seldom visited, Mamili National Park protects the Linyati swamplands with its reeds, lakes and islands. Visiting this park is quite a mission with a 4×4, strong sense of adventure and survival skills all requisites. Wildlife includes large herds of elephant and buffalo, huge crocodiles, lion, leopard, hyena and game such as red lechwe, reedbuck, sitatunga … Continued

Mudumu National Park

Designated in 1990, Mudumu National Park comprises varied habitats including marshland, savannah, mopane and teak woodlands together with the Kwando River to the west. Typical wetland wildlife such as hippo, crocodile, buffalo, sitatunga and red lechwe can be found along with spotted-necked otter, elephant, roan antelope, zebra, kudu and impala. Birds are abundant with summer … Continued

Etosha National Park

Home to around 114 mammal, 340 species of bird, 110 reptiles, 16 amphibians and one species of fish (believe it or not) and vast at over 20,000km2, Etosha National Park is one of the largest reserves in the world. It It is famous for the two million year-old Etosha Pan, a 5000m2 shallow depression visible … Continued

Ongava Tented Camp

An elegant, intimate lodge set amidst a wildlife- rich patch of mopane woodland in the Ongava Private Game Reserve

Sesriem Canyon

Geologically very interesting and around a kilometre long and 30 metres deep, the Sesriem Canyon was carved from the sedimentary and conglomerate rock by the Tsauchab River over the last 30 million years. In fact the name ‘Sesriem’ was given by Afrikaners on the Dorsland Trek and translates as ‘six belts’ for the number of … Continued


Breathtaking scenery, endless horizons, towering sand dunes and desert-adapted wildlife against a wonderfully photogenic backdrop

Ongava Private Game Reserve

Just outside the Andersson Gate which leads into central-southern Etosha, the 30,000 hectare Ongava Private Game Reserve adjoins Etosha’s southern boundary and offers several luxury lodges providing an exclusive safari experience on both the Ongava Reserve as well as in Etosha itself. Safari in Ongava is highly rewarding in terms of wildlife and scenic beauty, … Continued


A small settlement best known for the access point to the Namib-Naukluft National Park and Sossusvlei at Sesriem Gate and for the nearby Sesriem Canyon. There is a fuelling station, shops for general supplies and various campsites and accommodation choices in the area. Excursions such as hot air ballooning over the dunes depart from Sesriem … Continued

Waterberg Plateau Park

The beautiful Waterberg region, with its imposing 150m high sandstone plateau complete with 200 million year old dinosaur tracks, provides a 41,000 hectare haven for endangered species such as roan and sable antelope, tsessebe, black and white rhino. Predators such as leopard, cheetah, brown hyena, black-backed jackal and caracal can also be found, with the … Continued


The Earth’s largest known meteorite and most massive naturally-occurring piece of iron on the planet at 66 tonnes, the Hoba Meteorite fell close to the present town of Grootfontein less than 80,000 years ago and can be seen where it lies on Hoba West Farm.


Conveniently half way between Windhoek and Etosha lies the 22,000 hectare Okonjima Private Game Reserve. Okonjima and the AfriCat Foundation work together to conserve Namibia’s large carnivores through a rehabilitation programme, mostly focusing on leopard and cheetah. Various pressures on the big cat population include persecution by farmers, the pet trade and capture of wild … Continued

Kaudom Game Park

A remote and inaccessible reserve in the northern Kalahari, requiring a 4×4 vehicle to tackle its notorious sandy tracks. The landscape is the classic Kalahari vegetated dunes, with springs providing life-sustaining water for the flora and flora. Wildlife in this unspoilt wilderness is skittish, as the animals are unused to vehicles, and best seen in … Continued

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge

Sits on a small mound with sensational views across the NamibRand desert

Dead Vlei

Normally combined with a visit to Sossusvlei, the nearby Dead Vlei (“Dead Marsh” in English) is a white clay pan surrounded by some of the biggest dunes in the world, such as the imposing Big Daddy dune which, at around 350 metres tall, is a fun challenge to climb. A classic site in Namibia for … Continued


An improbable, quirky, fun and friendly coastal resort town with wide streets and German colonial architecture, Swakopmund lies isolated on the edge of the Namib Desert with the cold and wild Atlantic Ocean to the west, the dune belt of the Great Sand Sea rising to the south and barren Namib gravel plains to the … Continued

Etendeka Plateau

The commanding flat-topped mountains which define the Etendeka Plateau have an exciting history. They originate from an enormous basalt flow which emanated around 132 million years ago from what may be the largest volcanic eruption ever known on Earth. It had a volume in excess of 10,000,000 km3 (2km thick in places), spreading over parts … Continued

Hansa Hotel

A classic German colonial hotel on the Atlantic coast in Swakopmund

The Delight Swakopmund

A colourful, modern hotel right in the heart of Swakopmund with flamboyant decorative touches

Namib Desert

Thought to be the oldest desert in the world at over 55 million years and the only true desert in Africa lying south of the equator, the Namib runs from southern Angola to Lüderitz in the far south of Namibia. With an area of 80,950 km², the Namib Desert extends 1570km along the Atlantic coastline … Continued

Galton House

Situated in an upmarket residential area of Windhoek, Galton House offers quiet charm and easy comfort

Onguma The Fort

A stunning remote fort converted into beautiful suites that each have an incredible view of the waterhole closeby

The Mushara Collection

The impressive Mushara collection of properties is just 8-10 km from the world famous Etosha National Park’s eastern entrance.

Mahango National Park

Undeveloped and wild, the 25,400 hectare Mahango National Park encompasses verdant vegetation along the Okavango River, dry woodland and baobabs, offering exceptional birding in the summer months (November-March). Animal viewing is best in the drier winter months (June-October) when game emerges from the dense vegetation and congregates at water sources. The park is located 12km … Continued

Mowani Mountain Camp

12 luxury tented rooms spread across a rocky outcrop providing stunning views across the plains of Damaraland

Okaukuejo Camp

Famous for its floodlit waterhole where visitors can observe myriad wildlife interacting at close quarters

A Romantic Namibia Honeymoon

An indulgent honeymoon itinerary with excellent accommodation, great wildlife, wide open spaces and beautiful vistas providing an excellent start to married life.

Caprivi Strip

A very odd feature in the map outline of Namibia, the 450km Caprivi Strip ‘pan handle’ was added during the colonial era when Germany wanted access to a trade route along the Zambezi River to the Indian Ocean. The Caprivi was originally part of the British Protectorate of Bechuanaland (Botswana) and was traded to the … Continued

Bwabwata National Park

Formerly the Caprivi Game Park, the 570,000-hectare Bwabwata National Park is home to both wildlife and people and aims to support both in a sustainable manner. Local Caprivians have been employed in various aspects of conservation and ecotourism and the park provides sanctuary to a wide variety of free-roaming wildlife. The Bwabwata National Park extends … Continued

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

One of the top lodges in the country providing its guests with the ultimate in desert luxury

Palmwag Concession

A very special nature reserve in northern Damaraland, the 450,000 hectare Palmwag Concession (or Palmwag Reserve) offers true wilderness safaris with a focus on tracking desert adapted black rhino with the help of the Save the Rhino Trust – an admirable organisation which was founded in 1982 to protect the desert black rhinos from poachers. … Continued

Tok Tokkie Trails

A unique and unforgettable way to experience the true desert

The Kunene River

Forming the border between Namibia and Angola, the Kunene River is a permanently flowing watercourse in an untamed landscape and traditional home to Himba people. The region offers a wonderfully contrasting experience to other areas of Namibia, with the chance to explore by boat and spot water-loving animals such as crocodiles and rare birds such … Continued

Serra Cafema

Luxurious, remote safari camp with a peaceful ambience on the banks of the flowing Kunene River

Onguma Private Game Reserve

Located just outside the eastern gate of Etosha National Park (Von Lindequist Gate), the 20,000 hectares of Onguma Private Nature Reserve border Fisher’s Pan and is home to predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah as well as several plains game species such as giraffe, eland, hartebeest, kudu, gemsbok (oryx) and impala. Migratory birds bring … Continued

The Best Way to Experience Namibia’s Etosha National Park

The Namib, the world’s oldest desert, is found in Namibia and gave the country its name. You might form the impression that wildlife is therefore pretty rare since deserts are not best known for prolific fauna or flora. That might be the case in a large part of this southwestern African nation, but there is … Continued

Walvis Bay

Bartholomew Diaz was the first European to sight this, the only deep water port in Namibia, in 1487. The port became popular with American whaling ships in the 18th Century, when it was given the name Walvis Baai (Afrikaans for ‘Whale Bay’). The British annexed Walvis Bay in 1867 having realised its potential for fishing … Continued

Sossusvlei Lodge

An excellent value lodge close to the dunes of the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

Namibia Wildlife and Landscapes Holiday

Beautiful country with a wide range of opportunities on offer – wildlife viewing, varied scenery, culture and memorable sunsets. The colours, shapes and shadows of Deadvlei at dawn will stay with me forever. Very helpful and informative discussions with Alan Godwin before booking.  Everyone in country did their bit at the right time in the … Continued


Although not the most spectacular region with its typically flat, dusty landscapes of fossilised Kalahari dunes, Bushmanland (also known as Otjozondjupa) is an important agricultural area and home to San (Bushmen) communities. It is possible to visit San communities from a base just north of Grootfontein, from Grashoek or further to the east at the … Continued

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

A superbly run, intimate luxury camp situated in the most isolated part of the Kaokoveld of northwest Namibia

Shipwreck Lodge

An extraordinary lodge located on the skeleton coast

Little Kulala

Provides a luxurious base from which to explore the Sossusvlei area


Set within the NamibRand Private Nature Reserve in an area of sublime natural beauty, the lodges of Wolwedans with their outstanding outlooks and top quality guides are rightfully renowned for immersing guests in the full splendour and serenity of this part of the Namibian desert. These two regions in the north- and central-east of Namibia … Continued


A pleasant little town in the far north of Namibia, overlooking the Kavango River floodplain, normally a stopover point on the way to/from the Caprivi.

Sossus Dune Lodge

Situated within the Namib Naukluft Park, close to the Sesriem Canyon


Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007), the hillside of red sandstone boulders (petrified sand dunes) of Twyfelfontein hold around 2,500 rock engravings, depicting various animals, footprints and patterns, and is one of the largest collection of its kind in Africa. Artefacts found at the site, dating back around 6,000 years, suggest the long-term … Continued

Epupa Falls

On the Kunene River and reached by 4×4 from the town of Opuwo in the far north (Kaokoland), Epupa Falls descend 60m over a distance of 1.5km in a series of cascades over colourful rocks. The falls are named ‘Epupa’ in Herero language for the waterfalls’ spray – particularly evident after the rains. In Angola … Continued

Safarihoek Lodge

An isolated lodge in its own private reserve on the southern border with Etosha National Park.

Hoanib Valley Camp

A small stylish eco tented camp with views over the Hoanib River valley

Garub Wild Horses

Believed to be descended from horses of the South African cavalry, the feral horses of Garub (20km west of Aus) have lived wild for over 100 years in the harsh climate of this area. Their numbers have grown substantially and they now provide a great attraction for horse-lovers.

Etosha Safari Lodge

A large lodge offering good value and reasonably close access to Etosha National Park’s southern Andersson’s Gate

Sandwich Harbour

Around 55km south of Walvis Bay, Sandwich Harbour was once an exceptional Ramsar designated birding site. It was a natural freshwater lagoon and tidal mud flats, protected by a sand bar which led to an oasis of life and some of the highest densities of shorebirds in the world (counted at 7000 birds per square … Continued


Probably the most iconic area of Namibia, Sossusvlei is a (normally) dry pan surrounded by the highest dunes in the Namib Desert, some over 300m tall and among the highest in the world. The rust-red dunes of bewildering variety of form are magnificent, and their colours particularly striking at sunrise and sunset. The dunes, pans … Continued

Camp Kipwe

Lies in the heart of Damaraland, ideally located for the local attractions

Namib Naukluft National Park

One of the largest conservation areas in Africa, approaching 50,000km², the Namib-Naukluft National Park is the place of Namibia’s iconic rusty-red dunes, some up to 300 metres high, together with gravel pans, canyons and mountains making for a truly spectacular setting. The Namib-Naukluft encompasses famous sites such as Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Dune 45, Big Daddy, … Continued


With a turbulent history involving the territorial claims of the local Nama chief, Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias, the British and the German Reich, Lüderitz was founded in 1883 for its lucrative guano-harvesting, fishing and trading opportunities on land purchased from the local Nama chief. The town really made headlines when diamonds were discovered in 1909 … Continued

Erongo Wilderness Lodge

A friendly and well-run lodge west of Omaruru in the Erongo Mountains Nature Conservancy

Erongo Mountains

Part of the Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy and the region’s namesake, the Erongo Mountains are a roughly circular massif formed by the collapse of a volcano into its magma chamber. The resultant slow-cooled igneous rock has resisted erosion and now stands 2216 masl as a beautifully bouldered landscape, home to unique animals and birds. Activities … Continued


Windhoek, meaning ‘windy corner’, is Namibia’s capital and the usual point of arrival and departure into the country. In a pleasant and convenient central position surrounded by the Auas and Eros mountains, Windhoek has a growing population but is still relatively small at around 300,000 people. The architecture is German and South African-inspired, with a … Continued

Nkasa Lupala Lodge

An eco friendly comfortable tented camp on the banks of a Namibian wetland paradise in the eastern Caprivi region

Desert Whisper Lodge

Desert Whisper’s location is ideal for a visit to one of Namibia’s highlights: Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

Etosha Mountain Lodge

A small peaceful lodge located in the scenic Etosha Heights Private Reserve

Henties Bay

Henties Bay is a quirky holiday town with various restaurants, bars, guesthouses and holiday homes. Very quiet off season but lively in-season with holiday-makers attracted by its angling opportunities and for the long wild beach – locals drive along it and in the surrounding plains, although such activity is not recommended due to the sensitive … Continued

Onguma Bush Camp

A family-friendly lodge with bush-chic styling that ensures guests are cocooned in comfort and safety

Hartmann Valley

Nestled in the Hartmann Valley and inaccessible except by light aircraft, Serra Cafema is a remote lodge set in a land of contrasts. The permanently flowing Kunene River with its waterbirds and crocodiles flows right in front of the lodge, surrounded by a verdant pocket of vegetation. The backdrop is an unspoilt lunar landscape of … Continued

Dead Valley Lodge

Newly opened in 2019, Dead Valley Lodge is one of the few to be situated actually within the Namib-Naukluft National Park.


Rising 500m above the Khomas Hochland about 120 southwest of Windhoek, the 2347masl Gamsberg Mountain is a table-top mountain with a distinctive quartzite sandstone summit, offering views towards the Namib-Naukluft Mountains to the south. The area is renowned for the dramatic Gamsberg Pass and its exceptionally clear skies and lack of light pollution which makes … Continued

Cornerstone Guesthouse

Offers the charm and intimacy of a family-run bed and breakfast combined with some of the amenities of a luxury hotel

Desert Rhino Camp

A wonderfully remote camp committed to conserving highly endangered, desert adapted black rhinos

Eagle Tented Lodge

A beautiful lodge not far from Etosha National Park with breathtaking valley views

Corona Guest Farm

A perfect stopover on a journey from Windhoek to Walvis Bay


Located between Namibia’s Central Plateau and the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland is a geologist’s dream renowned for its natural beauty, desert-adapted wildlife and ancient human history in the form of rock engravings. A land of endless horizons, pastel colours, sublime sunsets and more stars at night than you can possibly imagine, this is true wilderness at … Continued

Atlantik Sicht

A very comfortable three-bed apartment close to the centre of Swakopmund with its shops and restaurants.

Etosha Heights Safari House

A three-bedroom private house on a huge private reserve abutting the south side of Etosha National Park.

Brandberg Mountain

The highest peak in Namibia at 2573masl, Brandberg Mountain (“Fire Mountain”) is so named for the glow which emanates from the pink granite at sunset. Standing on the flat Namib gravel plain, the dome-shaped Brandberg can be seen from miles around, and being only 80km from the coast, was used as a landmark by sailors. … Continued

Agama River Camp

Private air-conditioned bungalows decorated with warm African colours


Kunene (also known as Kaokoland) is a remote, mountainous, arid and relatively inaccessible region and traditional home to the semi-nomadic Himba as well as the Damara and Herero people, each with their own rich culture. The region’s name stems from the Kunene River which defines its northern border with Angola and includes the infamous Skeleton … Continued

Purros Conservancy

The Purros Conservancy in Kaokaoland is a beautiful wilderness based around a rural village next to the Hoarusib River, 55km east of the Skeleton Coast and approximately 200km south of the Kunene River. The area is home to the Himba tribe, nomadic pastoralists with a culture that is fast being usurped by modern ways. The … Continued

Skeleton Coast National Park

The subject of numerous tales of adventure, tragedy and survival against the odds, the Skeleton Coast National Park, which stretches from to Ugab River in the South to the Kunene in the North, is named after the remains of rusting shipwrecks and whale bones strewn along the shore and into the inhospitable desert hinerland. Mariners … Continued


A 32,000-hectare private concession located on the western edge of Etosha National Park, Hobatere is a beautiful area with abundant wildlife including lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, eland, giraffe and zebra as well as plentiful game and nocturnal species which can be viewed on day and night drives. Hobatere Lodge suffered a fire and is unfortunately … Continued

Rivendell Guesthouse

A small, welcoming bed and breakfast a short walk from Windhoek’s city centre

Desert Homestead Lodge

relaxed hospitality with a natural atmosphere, located within a beautiful desert game reserve.

The Olive Exclusive

Luxurious all-suite boutique hotel with beautiful views over the olive trees towards the Windhoek Mountains

Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Around 161 km long and purporting to be the second largest canyon in the world (after the Grand Canyon) the magnificent Fish River Canyon drops nearly 550m in unexpected fashion from the surrounding flat desert plains of the Nama Karoo. The canyon formed around 500 million years ago from a fissure in the rock due … Continued

Daan Viljoen Game Park

Located around 20km from Windhoek in the Khomas Hochland mountains, the Daan Viljoen Game Park makes for a worthwhile day trip. There is a nature drive but also walking trails that wind through highland savannah for a chance to spot diverse game such as mountain zebra, eland, springbok wildebeest, gemsbok, kudu, red hartebeest, impala, steenbok … Continued

Kulala Desert Lodge

Beautiful lodge overlooking the stark desert landscape of the Namib

Namib-Rand Private Nature Reserve

South of Sossusvlei, the NamibRand is a breathtakingly beautiful private nature reserve on the eastern fringe of the Namib Desert bordering the Namib-Naukluft National Park to the west and the Nubib Mountains to the east. At 172,000 hectares, it is one of the largest private nature reserves in Southern Africa, encompassing a wide variety of … Continued

Doro Nawas

Located in the Doro Nawas conservancy in central Damaraland

Namibia Lions Holiday

This was our second visit to Namibia in just over 12 months, with Reef and Rainforest and our seventh consecutive wildlife trip with them. I think that speaks for itself. This year we were particularly keen to try and observe some desert adapted Lions. The Lions found in ‘The Namib Desert’ are genetically identical to … Continued

Olive Grove Guesthouse

A lovely welcoming guesthouse situated close to Windhoek’s city centre

Mundulea Bush Camp

Remote, private camp in the Mundulea Nature Reserve, set up by passionate conservationists