Region: Papua New Guinea

Pacific Gardens Hotel

Simple but comfortable hotel located in the lush Pacific Gardens Estate close to the airport

MV Sepik Spirit

A comfortable, stationary floating lodge with nine spacious en suite guest rooms

Rondon Ridge

Magnificent views of the Hagen Range, Mount Giluwe, the Sepik Divide, the Baiyer Gap and Wahgi Valley

Gateway Hotel

The hotel is close to the airport, and provides comfortable accommodation.

Tufi Dive Resort

Located on the mainland slopes of Mount Trafalgar with stunning views of the fjords below

Papua New Guinea

Truly one of the world’s last travel frontiers, PNG boasts exotic tribes and resplendent birds of paradise, the most beautiful birds in the world

Airways Hotel

A luxurious art deco-style hotel at Port Moresby

Jais Aben Resort

Set in 22 acres of former coconut plantation with some of the best diving in the world

Lissenung Island Resort

A small eco-friendly private island resort offering world class diving, situated just 20 minutes from Kavieng

Walindi Plantation Resort

Located in Kimbe Bay on the northern coast of West New Britain Province with excellent diving and birdwatching.

Kokopo Beach Lodge

Lodge with views overlooking the ocean and surrounding islands

Mount Hagen

Located in the Waghi valley, Mount Hagen is the capital of Western Highlands Province. First visited by westerners in 1933, the area has developed at a fast pace so that now Mount Hagen is the main gateway to the Highlands and the Sepik area. The town is most famous for its cultural show held annually … Continued

Papua New Guinea Tailor-made Tours: sensational location

There should never be less than three nights in this sensational location [Ambua Lodge] with a superb climate (hot during the day and cool at night) with very good food, and seeing the amazing Huli Wigmen with their outstanding head-dresses.

Karawari Lodge

Perched upon an isolated ridge amid a huge expanse of lowland rainforest

Ambua Lodge

Set in the Southern Highlands at 7000ft with stunning views of the Tari Valley below

Papua New Guinea Tailor-made Tours: a highly professional service

We write to express our thanks for organising another highly successful special itinerary tour [to Papua new Guinea], despite the last minute changes to our tour schedule. We were very impressed with [your representatives]. They ran a highly professional service in all aspects. The three lodges, all with their own very special character, were well … Continued

Tawali Dive Resort

A locally constructed dive resort in a secluded area of Milne Bay

Shine Inn Lodge

Simple accommodation in a good location for accessing the Mount Hagen Show

Goroka Show 2023 with Mount Hagen Birding, Madang and Sepik River

This is an exceptional group tour led by local expert guides and combining many of Papua New Guinea’s cultural and birding  highlights.  Begin with a simple highland lodge near Mount Hagen for the rare opportunity to see numerous birds of paradise.  Then continue your special adventure with the spectacular Goroka Show, the largest cultural extravanganza in the country in which … Continued

Loloata Island Resort

Located just a 40 minute boat ride from Port Moresby with a small white sand beach and doorstep snorkelling and diving. 

Southeast Asia

The choicest regional destinations with the best conservation ethos

Ambunti Lodge

Ideal accommodation for those undertaking the three-day canoe trip along the Sepik River

Papua New Guinea in Style and Comfort

An exceptional luxury itinerary for those interested in the fascinating culture, unique tribal communities and endemic wildlife of the magical island of New Guinea


Famous for its magnificent fjords formed by ancient volcanic eruptions, Tufi is a small town on the far south east coast at Cape Nelson on the main island of New Guinea. The chief attraction is the spectacular fjord, reef and wreck diving. The local cultural heritage (you can stay in friendly village guest houses), orchids, … Continued

Port Moresby

The capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, is a sprawling coastal city overlooking a beautiful natural harbour. It contains the parliament, built in the style of a haus tambaran (Sepik worship house), and an interesting national museum. On the outskirts of town lies the Pacific Adventist University estate providing exceptional birding with species such … Continued

Wagu Guesthouse

basic accommodation in a remote Sepik village

Papua New Guinea Tailor-made Tours: exceeded our expectations

An excellent trip which lived up to and exceeded our expectations. A good mix of different locations and an introduction to different cultures which gave us a great insight into life in a very different country from our own.

Bird of Paradise Hotel

This simple hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Goroka Town, with views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Papua New Guinea With Kumul Lodge

It is difficult to comprehend that the holiday is over.  PNG is a special, amazing place where you still feel like a traveller/explorer, not a tourist. The images of the extremely varied birds, culture, people and scenery will remain with me always.  Thank you for arranging it! About 90 percent of the tour was wonderful. … Continued

Chambri Guest House

Chambri Guest House offers very basic accommodation in a remote Sepik village.


Located on a peninsula on the north coast of New Guinea island, Madang has been referred to as the prettiest town in the Pacific. With its laid back tropical atmosphere, Madang is a good spot in which to relax at the end of a busy tour. There is excellent snorkelling and diving to be had … Continued

Hotel Phoenix

Simple, comfortble accommodation in a good location for accessing the Goroka Show

Malolo Plantation Lodge

Plantation-style building surrounded by beautiful gardens that reach down to a black sand beach

Western Highlands

With habitats ranging from lowland forest to alpine grasslands and coffee plantations dominating the fertile valleys, Western Highlands Province is one of the most agriculturally productive regions of Papua New Guinea. Sing-sings are an important part of life for the local Waghi tribe, during which clans gather for ritual singing and dancing ceremonies.

Goroka Show, Madang and the Mighty Sepik River

Led by various regional guides, this 12 day group tour is perfectly suited to those with limited time to visit Papua New Guinea. The group will firstly visit remote villages along the Sepik River, travelling by motorised canoe for a truly authentic glimpse of village life along New Guinea’s longest artery. Next we travel to … Continued

Raintree Lodge

Boutique accommodation offering a refreshing alternative to the capital’s more international-style hotels

Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands is a remote and underdeveloped province where the tribes have retained their traditional cultures, particularly in the Tari Basin. Tari is one of the few places in Papua New Guinea where tribes habitually wear traditional dress and retain their customs intact, observable on visits to the Huli Wigmen, the region’s largest ethnic … Continued

New Britain

New Britain, Papua New Guinea’s largest island, has several active volcanoes, including Ulawun (the nation’s highest volcano), Tavurvur and Vulcan, whose eruption in 1994 destroyed the old capital of East New Britain Province, Rabaul. Today, most of the town still lies under a thick coating of ash. East New Britain Province has a wealth of … Continued

Kumul Lodge

Stands at 2,800m above sea level in a montane forest area near Mt Hagen

Highlander Hotel

Located in Mount Hagen, the hotel is set with beautiful tropical gardens within secure surroundings.


A significant producer of coffee, Goroka is the capital of PNG’s Eastern Highlands Province. A town of around 19,000 at an altitude of 1600m, Goroka has a pleasant climate and is known for being a relaxed and friendly place. Culturally it is famous for the Asaro mudmen who cover themselves in mud and don huge … Continued

Sepik River

At 1126 kilometres in length, the Sepik is the longest river in New Guinea and one of the world’s great waterways. Running from its central highlands source to the Bismark Sea, much of its length is navigable. The people living along its banks are highly dependent on the Sepik for transportation and food, and well … Continued

Madang Resort Hotel

A large comfortable hotel ideally located at the entrance of the beautiful Madang harbour.

Lake Murray Lodge

Located on the banks of Lake Murray – the largest lake in PNG, stretching over 2000 square kilometres – this new lodge features 12 wooden cabins raised on stilts along the shoreline